What Is This Hype About the Venus Butterfly Technique That's All Over the Radio?!

Dear Couch,

What is this hype about the venus butterfly technique? It's all over the radio!?!?


Dear Gullible,

OK! Enough already! There is no special sexual technique, code named ' venus butterfly' !!! The origin of this term began as an innocuous mention on an episode of LA Law but has since become the title of false hope sexual technique books and numerous clitoral vibrators. You mention it's ' all over the radio' (and apparently a recent title for ' La Femme Nikita' ). It seems to be a favorite habit of classic rock radio stations to mention a 'secret sexual technique' that can't be described over the air due to FCC regulations but they tell listeners to call in for an uncensored detailed report. Like any other business that promises a sexual panacea, this is slimey! Super slimey!! This radio practice seems to have it's origins in the ' Three Eyed Turtle' sexual position which was spread through the same dishonest radio means.

Face it folks! If there were some, before unknown, sexual position/technique secret how long would it be secret!? About five seconds given the information resources available to us!! Think about how long we've all been screwing. It's been a few 10,000 years since we've had a means of language and you actually think there's some sexual secret out there that hasn't been discovered??! Wake up! We are so hard wired to fuck, as much as we hate to admit it, it is paramount in every aspect of our worldwide lives! There just are no secret techniques other than caring about your partner's satisfaction and getting to practice. PRACTICE! PRACTICE! PRACTICE!!

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