I Am Crazed Over My Erotic Pen Pal Letter Writing! Am I Normal!?!?

Dear Couch,

I am a 19 year old white college female, who has become crazed over writing and exchanging sexual fantasies with prison inmates. I get so hot writing my dozen or so friends, and use a different fantasy with each guy. I get so hot that I break dates and write sometimes all night long. Some are white, black, old, young, but all seem to enjoy it as much as myself. I am careful not to use my real name and have mail forwarded to a friend's PO Box. I send only facial pics and have them returned. I suppose I do it because, it is like a new man every night, and no worry of AIDS, but really wondering if anyone else has done this, and their comments. Perhaps, I have given someone a new idea.


Dear Cell Block Sensuality,

Old idea, new opportunities. Prison pen pals has been going on for quite some time, probably before the advent of mail itself. However, with the creation of the Internet and email, the prisoner pen pal, complete with a bio and picture, is only a click away. There are many reasons people are drawn towards corresponding with inmates. For starters they're a captive (pun intended) audience and since our Country is hell bent on this moronic drug war, there will always be an adequate supply! Also, a lot of people get a kick from corresponding with the bad boys or girls. They get a vicarious thrill from being close to the ' criminal element' . Look at these sites to get an idea of the popularity of these barbs words Inmate.com and PrisonPals.com.

You, Ginny, sound like a kid in a candy store! But we're not thinking this is very healthy for you. As we read your letter we were thinking ' Ok. fine. Getting mail horny with cell block H, no problem.' Then you threw up that big red flag '...I break dates...', This would be the unhealthy part. You are avoiding real life situations which could lead to more rewarding intimate relationships than the ones you've found in sing-sing. We're not going to tell you to stop your prison fantasy but we are going to demand you evaluate how much you're ignoring. We suggest you try and strike a balance between these prisoner fantasy lovers and your real time life. In other words, don't break dates and try to pursue obtainable, non-convict men equally.

Although it goes without saying we're going to say it any way. When communicating with people via the Internet, or plain old snail mail, you have to be careful. People can tell you anything they want and end up being someone completely different. As callous as it sounds we recommend paying a little money to a private detective agency before physically meeting someone or letting them know where you live or work. Just to be on the safe side.

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