What Is the Average Number of Times People Have Sex In a Month?!!?

Dear Couch,

My partner and I would like to ask a question about the average amount of times a man/women has sex in a one month period. I am 42yr male and my partner is a 40 year old female. As we only see each other 3to 4 times a week I like to enjoy the sex on most every visit. As she also has another partner, she is not as quick to be ready as I am. Please can you help us.

thank you,

Dear Horny Toad,

You really mean, can we help ' you' right? Your partner doesn't sound like she's having any trouble getting all the sex she wants. She's got two regular and willing male partners and as you state is often satiated before you visit her. You can look at this two ways the self ego saving perspective would seem to be the one you are taking. That being you project your horniness on her and assume that since she isn't ready to jump in the sack then she's not normal. The less ego protective view you could take is remembering that she has another play mate who is satisfying her when you're not around.

As far as statistics on who's doing whom and how often, the definitive source is the book Sex In America. Lucky for you we have a copy right here. We'll reproduce a table of their results here

Social Characteristics Not at all A few times per year A few times per month 2 or 3 times a week 4 or more times a week
Men 14 16 37 26 8
Women 10 18 36 30 7
Marital/Residential Status
Noncohabiting 23 25 26 19 7
Cohabiting 0 8 36 40 16
Married 1 13 43 36 7
Noncohabiting 32 23 24 15 5
Cohabiting 1 8 35 42 14
Married 3 12 47 32 7

As you can see, the average woman has sex two or three times a week only 30 of the time, and if you limit this to noncohabiting females, it drops to 15 . Sorry we couldn't provide you with the statistical information you wanted to use as ammo in this disagreement with your lover. We suggest you keep this current sexual partner, and like her find another play mate. For more sexual behavior statistics from frequency of oral/anal sex to premature orgasm get the book, Sex In America: A Definitive Survey, for the most accurate, statistical break down. Good Luck.

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