Dr. Joy Says the Venus Butterfly Can Add 1-3 Inches to My Penis! Is This True?!?!?

Dear Couch,

I recently saw an episode on Dr. Joy about how to have a better sex life. There was mention of a technique called the venus butterfly for men. Not the vibrator for women. It is suppose to add up to 1-3 inches on an average erection. It this true? If so please enlighten me.

Just Wondering

Dear Gullible,

We are so damn tired of the supposed venus butterfly!!! There is no frigging venus butterfly!!! This is another one of those ' sexual secrets' used to sell crappy books and videos to otherwise normally functioning people who want to make sure they are good lovers. Which basically includes everyone, since most people like to think of themselves as having a full and up to date sexual toolbox. When they hear a lot of buzz about some new sex technique with exotic names like ' Venus Butterfly' , or ' Three Eyed Turtle' , they pay attention. That's exactly what these money grubbers hope for. They attempt to create an insecurity in your sexual image, then sell you a cure for it. It's basic snake oil business and we'll point out the flaws in it.

The seemingly most legitimate snake oil peddler for this type of crap is Dr. Bob Schwartz. Let's make some things clear about this guy. He is not a medical doctor and has NO medical training. The Dr. stands for doctorate or PhD, specifically, according to Schwartz himself, in ' Lifestyles' from ' More university' . He lists his education beginning with having ' attended the University of Houston' . The only accredited institution of higher learning he ever sat in, but apparently he didn't graduate from there. He obtained his ' Bachelors from More University in Humanities' . What the heck is Humanities!?! Colleges don't award 'Humanities' Bachelors! Community colleges do, as a means of moving towards a Bachelor's in a chosen field from a formal University. After which he moved straight towards his supposed PhD from More University in ' Lifestyles' ? Which begs the question, just where the hell is More University?!?!? We can't find a mention of it on the Internet! We're just going to assume a degree from More University is worth about as much as the book pushing the supposed Venus Butterfly technique.

Now take a look at the reader reviews of this guy's book on the venus butterfly. As you can see, no one was blown away by any big secret. In fact, all but the obvious fake reviews amount to ' ...there are no 'great secrets' in this book...' , ' ...the book hints at great secrets...' , and ' this book hints all the way through that it will reveal some sort of secret, when all it is is a series of mushy, vague platitudes' . As far as Dr. Joy is concerned, Puleeeze, she's just another illiterate pimp making money off the sex snake oil peddlers making money off of our insecurities. Be realistic for a moment and realize that any method able to increase penis size by 1-3 inches would be posted all over the Internet. You won't see it here though, because it doesn't exist!

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