My Girlfriend Wants to Be Tied Up During Sex!! How Do I Properly Tie Her Up?!?

Dear Couch,

My fianc?e loves to be held down or tied down during sex and I am happy to oblige. But I don't know anything about knots or bondage techniques. We've just been making it up as we go along. Where can I learn more about how to properly tie her up? And where can I purchase a few special pieces of equipment?

Knot Knowledgeable About Knots

Dear New to Knots,

We'll start by telling you about the most important bondage technique, the ' safe-word' ! It may be over emphasized for any type of bondage scenario but it will only make the fantasy better. A safe-word is something that would be out of place in normal sexual activities. Only you know what that would be. For some, the word ' popcorn' would be perfectly out of place or for others ' aardvark' would do the trick. Of course there is no word that works for everyone since some people may be into tying up aardvarks, forcing them to eat popcorn, and gawd knows what else! So pick one just in case you ever come at your tied up fiance with that aardvark.

That said, let's get to those knots and equipment! We should first direct you to the book, Jay Wiseman's Erotic Bondage Handbook. This 'how to' manual comes highly rated from many readers. As far as knots go, this site illustrates a plethora of knots and their usefulness in your knotty sexual sessions. This page tells you what size and material rope to use. Also you should read this Intro Course On Basic Bondage even though it is a bit dry and long. Don't forget about bondage safety. After you've read over and studied that large pile of material, you might be ready to try something like this!

To get started with a little sexual bondage play there are many products available discreetly online. There are many low cost items you can try out to determine what will work best in your relationship. These Door Jam Cuffs allow you to quickly turn any door into a bondage playground. This new Pleasure Tape is non-sticking and holds firmly to itself with no mess but is easily removed, even from hair!

Once you get familiar with what works for you, the best place to purchase your special pieces of equipment just may be the hardware store!

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