Any Ideas About Buying My Wife's First Vibrator ???

Dear Couch,

Trying to find my wife her first vibrator. Any ideas what to get?

Double AA

Dear DD Batteries,

Well, for starters, we'll just go ahead and let you believe this will be your wife's first vibrator. The most important rule of any phallic toy is, it should be made from silicon. DO NOT buy any of that cheap crap that is usually sold in the strip mall Luv stores. To review why silicon toys are better
  • Silicone is not porous, therefore will not harbor/incubate harmful bacteria as easily as other materials
  • For the ultimate in cleaning, silicon dildos/vibrators can be boiled (now that's a pasta salad!)
  • The material holds body heat better than the others
  • People overwhelmingly prefer the feel of silicone to other materials

Now that you/we have decided on the material, let's discuss size. Obviously, you really shouldn't buy your wife something which exceeds your own size by a significant amount, either in width or girth. Remember however, that there is a bit of dildo length which will only be utilized for holding onto. If you really want to give your wife a personal joy toy, how about giving her one made from a cast of your very own rock hard johnny-pole!? Sound impossible?! Not with a Clone-A-Willy special cast kit! Yup, this amazing little kit includes everything you need to make a soft rubber dildo replica of your erection with optional vibrate!

If some of the more elaborate designs are up your alley, be sure to get one with those added appendages around the base for clitoral stimulation with the penetration. Here's a rather popular vibrator and it's description:
The fun and innovative Deluxe Rotating Wall Banger Rabbit Vibrator combines the stimulating sensuality of a traditional rabbit vibe with a super-strong suction cup base that adheres securely to any flat, smooth surface. Thanks to a waterproof design, the possibilities are almost endless, from getting down and dirty on the coffee table to straddling the bathtub for an aquatic sex session.

Of course most of these elaborate models are not available in silicone probably because the multiple functions are just too expensive to manufacture with the better quality material. Nevertheless, you'll probably go through a couple of styles before she finds her favorite. Don't forget to keep those toys sanitary with Essentials Toy Cleaner and store them with the Sugar Sak, the inside of the bag is shielded with Bioshield 75, an EPA-approved and patented coating, that naturally inhibits the growth of bacteria, yeast, mildew and viruses to keep your toys in pristine condition.

Just remember to have fun trying and don't ever become intimidated by your partner's toy. That would be as silly as her being intimidated by your right hand.

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