My Boyfriend is Taller than Me! What Positions Would Be Best For Us?!?

Dear Couch,

My boyfriend is a great deal taller than me and I wondered which sexual positions would best suit us. In many positions he is a head above me !! help! I want to be close to him during sex, how can I do this?


Dear unsigned,

Well, that can be a bit of a problem. Apparently you haven't tried 69 yet or you'd really be whining! The best position in your situation would be you laying on your back with your boyfriend laying beside you and entering you underneath your leg. If he is as tall as you say, you'll be able to perform this position without turning your back to him, gaining that emotional face to face you desire. You can also try you on top with him in a sitting position. A quickie in the bathroom with him sitting on the toilet would be a good position. Just hope he's the type of guy not to take the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone! If you own a Palm OS device, try downloading the shareware title, The PocketSutra! An erotic Kama Sutra guide you can read on your Palm while waiting in the long grocery line! You can also check out this site, which seems to be done by someone who likes positioning little drawing dolls on a tiny little bed and taking pictures of them. Oh well. That's the beauty of the web. It takes all kinds but you may get some other ideas from this freaky site.

If you want some bedtime reading material for sexual positions, nothing beats the highly rated and tasteful Sexual Positions: Games Lovers Play or you can go for the classic The Kama Sutra Box: The Rules of Love and Erotic Practice. A special box set. Whatever you do, don't let this height difference thing bother you too much. Good lovin' knows no height, race, sex, religious, political, career, nationality, differences!!!

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