Do X-TCY and/or Pot Affect The Pill??!

Dear Couch,

Are there any effects on the birth control pill, Ortho Tri-Cyclen, from doing the drug extasy or smoking pot? If so, what are they and does it decrease the level of effectiveness?


Dear Generation Y,

Drug manufacturers do not test for interactions with illegal recreational drugs. If for no other reason than, they don't have to. You can't sue for prescription drug interactions with an illegal substance. When you think about all the different drugs in Ecstasy and the varying quantities of each, there could be interactions but we doubt it. If anything, the only negative effects we can think of would be forgetting to take your pill during a one or two day rave. Which brings us to the topic of why?

We're not old farts here at (ok, we're pretty old. in our early thirties. But we're not farts) We caught the beginning of the rave scene in the US while we still had some young energy, but never got into it. It just reminded us of the old hippies and their ' psychedelic' acid parties in the Sixties. Aren't most ravers the offspring of those people. Don't they have any more originality than to act just like their parents? Now the Punk era! That was original!

Oh. You asked about pot too. Although there are no claims by The Pill's manufacturers regarding drug interactions with marijuana use, let's use those old hippies as a test group. They smoked pot like Snoop-Dog and were also the beta test generation for the Pill. Since that wonderful pill came through with flying colors, we'll suggest there's no problem there either. So don't forget to take it and find some original culture besides emulating your parents!

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