Will the Nexus Dildo Work with the Terra-Firma Harness??

Dear Couch,

I was wondering if you know whether or not the new Nexus double-headed dildo works with the Terra Firma harness. That's all. Thanks.


Dear Me, (we mean you, Me...now you've confused us)

We smell some product placement here but what the heck! Yes, the Terra Firma harness will work with the Nexus double dildo. According to one site:
The Terra-Firma harnesses feature a removable 'backing'. Take the backing off, and you are left with the harness straps secured to the 'O' ring, and the harness can be used with a double dildo like our Nexus.

But let us emphasize here that whatever works for you, .... works! Sex (yes, even gay sex) has been going on for millions of years without all the handily marketed gadgets. So don't get hung up on the products. Sex is still about two (or more) people giving and deriving pleasure from one another. For those of us interested in spicing up our love lives with new toys and scenarios try the book, Come Play With Me : Games and Toys for Creative Lovers.

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