Hey Couch! Get Your Head Out of Your Ass or Quit Your Job!!

Dear Couch,

I'm commenting on your suggestion for a girl to dump her boyfriend because he could only cum when using his hand. You stupid fuck. I hope you don't consider yourself a professional theropist. Have you ever heard of male orgasmic disorder? Its a physcological/physical problem where a male can only orgasm using his hand. I have some advice for you, either get your head out of your ass or quit your job.


Dear Spelling Bee Champ,

The only column we can find related to the topic you mention does not result in us suggesting 'a girl to dump her boyfriend' as you perceived. In actuality, we recommended many different possible causes and a possible solution they could try on their own. But the wording and anger in your question makes us think you may be experiencing something similar yourself.

First, let us review the problem. A guy in a relationship can't come during sexual activity with his partner but can while masturbating. Don't mean to contradict you (actually, that's exactly what we're doing), but this situation can in NO WAY be a physical problem. If your plumbing works with your hand then it should work with your partner's hand and/or the rest of them. So that just leaves a psychological issue.

As we mentioned in our past column, there are many, fairly normal, psychological reasons a male would have orgasmic dysfunctions not related to a medical cause.
Things like
  • fear of commitment
  • fear of pregnancy
  • guilt for feeling sexual pleasure

and on and on. Including but NOT limited to, being a closet case. Sometimes, when this is pointed out to someone who suffers from psychological male orgasmic dysfunction, they react with denial and anger. Sound familiar? For you we suggest the site ComingOutStories.com and/or the book, The Sexual Male: Problems and Solutions. Whatever you choose, stop spouting anger over your issues at the rest of us. By the way, we're a married counselor and MD so we think our advice has a little worth. Therefore we're going to keep writing this column as a means of attempting to help others whether our heads are up our arses or not!

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