The Girls in My Office Want to Know Why It's Called a 'Blow Job'??

Dear Couch,

The girls in my office are wondering why it is called a blow job? Since you don't really blow, how did it get it's name?


Dear unsigned,

Ah! The ol' office water cooler blow job conversation. We remember those fondly! All the ladies find themselves in a group, relaxing, and some naughty topic comes up which leads to some unanswerable question. OK, maybe not. We'll just consider you ladies unique in your own special ways.

But, not to fear! We happen to have a copy of The Dictionary of Contemporary Slang around here somewhere, ah!, here we are, by the bed. Allow us to read a sage passage to you and your office mates:

Blow Job: n

an act of fellatio. This term, now widespread in English-Speaking countries, spread from the USA in the 1960s. A puzzling misnomer to many, to blow in this context is probably a euphemism for ejaculate, a usage occasionally recorded in the 1950s. This may itself be influenced by the there (s)he blows of whaling clich? . An alternative and equally plausible derivation of blow job is from the black jazz musicians' hip talk expression blow meaning play (an instrument). This term probably caught on in Britain and Australia simply because there was no well-known alternative in existence.

Hope this helps with the confusion and remember, for all of your slang questions, just ring us up!

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