A Last Response to an Unending Accusation !

Dear Couch,

Dear Couch,

This is related to your recent column on male erectal and orgasmic dysfunction. If you did, in fact, advise some girl to dump her boyfriend because he melts in his hand, not in her mouth, I would agree with unsigned that your response was callous and rude. IF you DIDN'T, you still should have apologized publicly, instead of attacking the author. Speaking of which, the spelling and grammar evident in your own words leaves some room for improvement.


Dear Jim,

First: As we said to the putz whose letter you're referring to, the only column in the archives possibly related to this subject matter does not suggest anyone dump anyone.

Second: We insist on being ' callous and rude' if it makes the point. ? This column is not ? about political correctness. It's about frankly discussing the complicated subjects of sexuality and relationships, no gloves. Respect always unless disrespect deserved.

Third: We never apologize. Ever! We will admit we're wrong when we are. However, the writer you're referring to used phrases like, ' You stupid fuck.' which is going to be met with equal enthusiasm. We're not here to be your little cuddly therapist and tell you ' You're OK' . If people want to disagree with us or comment on our responses, we do provide Message Boards which anyone can post on. Do we edit it? Yes, we delete any blatant promotions of commercial sites, anything in ALL CAPS, and multiple duplicate submissions.

Fourth: We're no more grammar/spelling champs than the next person. We run content through a spell checker as we advise anyone submitting a question to do, but we know there, their, they're not perfect. If you or any of our readers see a glaring faux pas in our current or past columns, please let us know and we'll fix it. Same goes for dead links.

Lastly, to ALL OF OUR READERS. We know all too well that this column, and site, have been neglected by us for too long. Part of this is due to being very busy, the rest is due to moving it to a better, bigger, server. We thought we could do all the magic server stuff ourselves but had to call our glorious webmasters, Jet-Screamer.com, to help us do it. With their skilled assistance, we're back to ramming speed and will commit to two columns a month.

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