I Boinked My Best Friend's 20 Year Old Nephew! What Now??!

Dear Couch,

My husband of 10 years left me 5 weeks ago, and I was horribly sad but I'm getting better. At any rate, I didn't go out at all until this past weekend, when my best friend convinced me to go to her brother's 40th birthday party. Long story short, I ended up having sex with her 20-year-old nephew (I'm 33). I feel guilty in so many ways, and I'm terrified to tell my friend. The worst part is, I like the kid a lot, even though I know it's got to be wrong. And he's totally smitten with me (although he probably has never used the word ' smitten' in his short, short life). Please help -- just tell me I'm awful and I can't see him again. Thanks.

Too embarrassed for words

Dear TEFWs,

You're awful and you can't see him again. Feel better? We don't think you're awful. We actually think it's great your first ride on a different horse in 10 years was a 20 year old buck. The age difference between 33 and 20 is a bit large but 20 years old is certainly sexually mature which keeps you out of the Mary Kay Letourneau ranks. However, we certainly doubt this can result in a lasting relationship which you yourself seem to imply. Add to this the fact that he's the nephew of your best friend and you're starting to smell a bit like Jerry Springer fodder.

So you should let your little boy-toy know it was fun but you're getting off this ride. This leads to whether or not you should tell your best friend. Obviously, your friend doesn't have a right to this knowledge. It doesn't affect her and is pretty much none of her business. On the other hand, this information is not exclusively yours. The boy-toy is a wild card here for this little incident becoming known to your best friend. We don't have any reason to think he would tell anyone, much less his Aunt, but you can't control that. So to save yourself the embarrassment of of your best friend angrily asking if you boinked her little nephew, you're going to have to go ahead and tell her. Good luck. We don't envy you this one. After that, you'll have a fond memory, no worries, and unlimited sexual/romantic possibilities ahead of you.

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