We've Been Married For Five Years! Can You Suggest Any Books For New Foreplay Ideas!?!

Dear Couch,

My hubby and I have been married for about 5 years. We were both virgins when we got married therefore have only ever been with each other. Our sex life is ok, but we are both interested in trying new positions and foreplay techniques. We are both very booksmart but not very imaginative. Are there any books that will show us positions? Also any ideas how to have more fun prior to intercourse? (I guess that would be the foreplay part)

Wanting more than missionary

Dear Wanting,

The best advice we can give you is to slow down. Put off beginning coitus too soon, and this will automatically increase your foreplay. As for things to do saran wrap your mattress and grease each other up... that's an E-ticket ride!!!!, ORAL ORAL ORAL!!!!, run your hands slowly over each other in turns NOT spending too much time on genital contact, try a little light bondage, and wrestle! Here's a book with sexual positions, but we bet you two can figure out some on your own, especially when you start sliding around on that oil.

Here are three erotic games we discovered which can help to get the sexual variety going:
  • Poker for Lovers We didn't change the game of poker??just the chips you wager with! This sexy, fun-loving game is played like traditional poker with explicitly erotic his 'n' her chips that spell out what you win! HE may have to be a 3 minute sex slave, or SHE may give up the taboo position of his choice!

  • Romance Roulette Game This erotic roulette game is for couples who are looking for some ACTION! Spin the wheel and see where the ball lands?then draw the matching card and let the spicy games begin. Game includes miniature roulette wheel, 18 cards for Her, 18 cards for Him, 1 Couples card, and 2 roulette marbles.

  • Sweet Surrender Game Are you dominant, submissive, or both? This game will teach you ? and help you explore the pleasures of power play with your lover. The object of this contest is to draw from the ?Dom? or ?Sub? cards, and see if you can push your limits! The first player to complete the game gets to devise ? and act out ? their very own bondage fantasy! The blindfold, feather ticklers and rubber whip will inspire you to see how far you?re willing to go!

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