My Fianc? Wants Me to Pee on Him! Little Help Here!!

Dear Couch,

I can't believe that you don't have any information on this in your archives (although I have learned many things about many topics while reading). My fiancé and I have a very active sex life. We have excellent communication and we are both always ready to try new things. One of his fantasies is for me to piss on him. I have never dated anyone who was in to this kind of thing, and to be honest, I had never really thought of pee as a turn-on. I have been searching for information on how (and where) to do this. We tried it once, but I just couldn't go! However, that was fairly early on in our relationship. I know that this is one of his biggest fantasies, and I really want to do it for (with) him. Do you have any advice and do you know of any practical websites? All I found surfing the net were sites about teens peeing. That is not what we are about. Thanks for your advice and knowledge!


Dear Goldilocks,

You're right. We haven't touched on this particular fetish before. Like most fetishes, there's no easy direct explanation for this but if your fiancé is into it and you're willing to give it a shot, we're more than willing to point you towards a good resource.

Patches Place, has been around since we started this column years ago. They've gone a bit Flash happy with their site since we last visited but they're still the best 'minimally commercial' peeing fetish site we know of with many links in their, what else, 'Links' section.

We also think it's very important to explore your fianc?'s fetish BEFORE you get married to make sure it will not be an issue in your married lovemaking future. And kudos to your fiancé for bringing it up before the vows instead of on your honeymoon night!

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