Will this Product 'Sweet Release' Really Make My Semen Taste Better?

Dear Couch,

I was reading a magazine and I discovered an ad promoting a product called 'Sweet Release'. Basically this product consists of capsules that are suppose to make a male's semen taste like apples. This to me seems a bit hard to ........ahem swallow, for lack of a better word.

My question for you is, have you heard about this product? Is it safe for use? And what are the negative side affects if there are any?


Dear Wanna-Be-Tasty,

We took a look at 'Sweet Release' and our first reaction is that this is being sold as a 'supplement' which is ALWAYS an immediate red flag for us. Why? Because the 'supplement' industry is unregulated and unabashadley takes advantage of it (see our rant regarding Enzyte for a good example). HOWEVER, the claims being made by 'Sweet Release' are not very outrageous. The taste of a man's spunk is very much related to diet and the 'Sweet Release' supplement seems to be just a concentrate of fruit extracts which are known to sweeten the palitability of a man's spunk. According to their website, 'sweet release' contains:
A proprietary blend of fruit solids, Cranberry powder and may include one or more of the following (apple powder, mango powder, blueberry powder and cherry powder, cellulose vegetable material).

So now to the question, 'Is it safe?'. We're not gonna say yes or no. Remember! This is an unregulated industry. Pay your money and take your chances. Will it work? More than likely it will for men (we're not as positive about the female formula or their 'libido enhancer'). But also realize you can get similar results from chomping on a Granny Smith once or twice a day and with the real thing you have the added benefit of more fiber in your diet. Either way, it's your choice.

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