I Noticed My Boyfriend's Semen Was Yellow and He's Also Uncircumcised, Should I Be Worried?!?!

Dear Couch,

The other day my boyfriend ejaculated on some white sheets and I noticed that it was yellow before it dried. I was wondering if that means anything because I normally see semen thats white. I also wanted to ask about the fact that he is not circumized. I know that not being circumsized can make men more supceptable to std's because the extra skin holds more bacteria (or something like that) but is there anything I should be worried about?

Thank you.

Dear Semen Inspector,

So you normally see semen that's white. We're afraid to ask how much semen you've seen. First, we need to note that when we talk about semen color, we are talking about a recently ejacualted sample. Dried semen will always be brown to yellow in color and is not diagnostic.

Normally semen is viscous, opalescent and whitish gray in color. However, depending on many factors including frequency of ejaculation, diet, general health, etc., the volume, consistency and color of the semen can vary. Thickened yellow or lumpy semen usually occurs if one ejaculates infrequently and is due to concentration of the portion created in the seminal vesicles.

Sudden changes in the color of one's semen that last more than a week should be checked out with one's doctor.

Semen Color ConsistencyPossible Condition
Yellow, green or goldProstate infection
Yellow-tinted Urine in the semen
Thick, lumpy or jelly-like Male hormone deficiency
Pink, red or dark brown Bleeding in the prostate

Now, regarding the uncut willy, recent research has increasingly pointed to circumcision lowering the rates of std infection in males. The possible reasons being that while the outside of the foreskin is regular skin, the inside skin is mucosal similar to the skin in the vagina. During intercourse the foreskin slides back and is exposed. After sex, any viral cells the partner may have passed on to the male are then trapped in this moist environment.

BUT since you two waited six months to have sex without a condom with your monogamous partner then BOTH got tested and ONLY then engaged in sex without condoms (although still using some form of birth control), you shouldn't have anything to worry about, right? If you did not follow these steps to have safe sex with your monogamous partner or are unsure of your partners committment to remaining monogamous, your only safe approach is to use condoms each and every time you engage in sex.

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