I Want to Lactate and I'm Not Pregnant

Dear Couch,

I want to lactate and I'm not pregnant.


Dear Milk Maiden,

So you're not preggers and you want to lactate huh? We can guess what ths is all about. Well, whatever you plan on, yes you can lactate without being pregnant. If you have someone to suck on those puppies for you (or if you can reach them yourself with your mouth, yikes!) you'll need to have them latch and suckle each breast for ten minutes 8 times a day. The preferred method being 5 minutes on each breast switching between breasts every 5 minutes until 20 minutes has passed.

It's also VERY IMPORTANT that the latching and suckling are done properly. If not done properly, you can actually damage the ability to lactate. The 'sucker's' lips must be sealed against the areola, as opposed to just around the nipple and the act of sucking the air from the mouth will draw the nipple and areola into the 'sucker's' mouth far enough for them to press up with the tounge as if swallowing which will stimulate the lactation ducts. For images on the anatomy of the breast and an animation of proper suckling check this page at breastfeeding.com.

There is also a method of hand stimulating your breasts into lactation which you can do on your own called the Marmet Technique. This is best described as placing the thumb and index finger on opposite sides of the aereola pushing back towards the rib cage and then gently rolling the fingers forward. Here's a link with a video on hand expressing breast milk. This method also must be done 8 times a day for 20 minutes total, switching every 5 minutes between breast.

And there you have it. Now you go out there and lactate your butt off.

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