I'm Torn Between My Home Town Boyfriend and a Guy I Just Met at College! Help?!?

Dear Couch,

I've been dating a guy for almost three years, we're best friends, we never fight (we discuss) our only problem is that we're far apart, we go to separate colleges, and I've had several guys hit on me but not any that I would ever consider liking at all.

Recently I became friends with a guy in my major, we're a lot alike, and we get along great I'm definitely physically attracted to this guy and it's a definite that he's into me. All of the other guys that have ' made a move on me' I've said, ya know, I have a boyfriend, yada, yada, yada, my new friend knows I'm heavily involved, he too has a girlfriend, but their relationship isn't working out, so anyway, my friend and I have been hanging out a lot lately, the last two nights it's become more evident that he likes me a lot, and for some reason I'm not compelled to cast him off so suddenly like the others.

I like this guy a lot, but I could never throw away a three year relationship, because obviously there's a lot of history, he was pretty much my first everything (get the picture?) So what I want to know is: is it bad for me to be really attracted to someone else, to the point where, if he tried to kiss me I don't know if I would stop him, should I think twice about my long distance????


Dear Moving On,

Sounds like you're starting your first year of college. Welcome to new choices, try and handle it like an adult. So you're far away from your high school boyfriend and some new guy has caught your fancy. What to do, what to do? You make a choice.

You're torn between good ol' Bobby, your high school sweetheart you lost your virginity with, and new experiences. You never had any drunken trailer trash fights with him and everything went great. BUT, now you're in different schools in different cities and that comfortable relationship seems a little bland. You're broadening your mind, learning new avenues of thought, and suddenly home town Bobby is looking like, well, high school.

If you're feeling this way, enough to smooch on another guy while your boyfriend looks dreamily at your photo as he studies Calculus 101 into the wee hours of the night, then it's time to have a serious talk with Bobby. It's time to tell him, ' We had the perfect first serious/sexual relationship but I want to explore this new part of my life as an individual.' Trust us, if the two of you graduate, settle somewhere, and then develop a relationship, it will be a much stronger one..... then.

(readers please note! There is another response to this situation here)

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