Could You Point Me to Some Cunnilingus Guides and Tips!?!

Dear Couch,

A lady friend of mine once told me ' the knowledge of how to eat a pussy correctly is what separates good lovers from *fantastic* lovers.' I would like to know where to find web pages on cunnilingus My lover and I both agree that the sex in our relationship is great, but I'd still like to better my technique.

After perusing your archives, I've located several links, all returning error messages. Could you please help me in finding some current links to sites offering a ' how-to' guide? Thanks for any help you can provide.


Dear Future Muff-Magician,

Your friend has given you a gem of wisdom that few males hear and heed. YES! You will always have a second date after successfully giving a woman a fantastic blow job. This is what separates the lovers from the takers and once we're through with you, you'll be the talk of the town!

Let's start with some basics we like and then we'll get into some links for more techniques. You should approach your lover's pussy like you would approach her mouth. Kiss her lips, adore the shape and form of her inner labia, run your tongue lightly over them, kiss those lips with the same tenderness you would her mouth. Don't forget to also run your hands over your woman's body while giving her head. Touch her breasts, her neck, her whole body because she is the object you are worshipping. Now taste the depth of her hole, gently lick her opening with your tongue to embrace the aroma of her essence. Inhale that aroma, it is your raison d'� tre.

Now turn your attention to her little love button (clitoris). This little device is the primary source of sexual pleasure for most women. When women masturbate, they don't sit around with cucumbers stuffed up their twats! They focus their attention on da' button and so should you, but treat it nicely as it is very sensitive. You should think of the clit as having as many nerve endings on that small area as your entire penis has. Run your tongue around it, flick it with the tip of your tongue, lick it lightly, suck it gently, and do all of these things in a random order. LISTEN to your partner for what she likes and do more of that but not too much at once. The clit can easily be over stimulated, back off occasionally and return to the labia, and/or just blow gently on her vagina. This isn't a race. you should be prepared to spend some time down there. If your woman is at all vocal, you'll know what to focus on when the big O is coming. Just hope she doesn't snap your neck like a dry twig in autumn in the throws of her Orgasm!

Now let's get to those links to professional cunnilingus. You're right that all of our old muff diving links are dead. Sorry, such is the web. But these are currently up and running so here they are. Here's a LOT of info and tips at this Cunnilingus FAQ. This site talks about cunnilingus during menstruation and more basic technique. This last one reads like a road map to cunnilingus (scroll down) but has some great info. That should be enough to keep you busy until these links become dead!

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