I Have An Overactive Cowper's Gland Which is Causing Problems With My Love Making!?!

Dear Couch,

I have an overactive Cowper's gland. This is the gland (I'm sure you already know) that produces the ' pre-cum' or lubricant a man makes before ejaculation. In fact, this ' ooze' sterilizes the urinary tract to reduce transmission of urine into the vagina during ejaculation. (Correct?)

My gland is overactive. As soon as I become aroused in any manner (by thought or physical stimulation), I begin to ooze this lubricant. In most men, this indicates they are about to cum. As you might expect, this lubricant causes enhanced stimulation and make it easier to get off. And, I have a tendency to cum prematurely - frustrating.

My wife doesn't like it and has refused to perform oral sex because it turns her off even though it has no taste and in fact acts as an internal cleansing for the penis. However, she likes me to take this lubricant and use it to stimulate her clitoris because it is superior to any other lubricant.

Can this ' pre-cum' be controlled? What is the triggering mechanism to start it flowing? I have watched many porno flicks and the guys never seem to ooze - at least not until they are about to cum.


Dear Loving that Cowpy,

You are basically correct in your description of the Cowper's or Bulbourethral gland (hereafter referred to affectionately as 'Cowpy'). However, the alkaline mucus Cowpy secretes is not to ' sterilize' the urinary tract. Urine is sterile but also acidic so the alkaline ooze neutralizes it allowing your little sperms to survive. Why do you seem to produce more of this than normal? Consider yourself lucky you freak. If you want to control it, stop thinking about sex you horn dog.

The issue is you're blaming your problems on poor little Cowpy. Your premature ejaculation is not due to him at all and we suggest you start dealing with this issue directly, instead of blaming little Cowpy. Your wife finds it a convenient excuse not to go down on you. She's apparently picked up on your 'blame the Cowpy' routine. Apparently you're not an oral champ, or your wife wouldn't have to ask you to massage her clit with Cowpy's ooze. ' Superior to any other lubricant' ? Wake up!! We doubt your wife would prefer that to you getting your face down there and dancing on her clit with your tongue. We suggest you and your wife start dealing with the real issues in your sex life instead of using poor little, extra hard working, Cowpy for an excuse.

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