What Are Reliable Statistics On Sexual Behavior and Practices?!?

Dear Couch,

Would you suggest a site that has reliable statistics on sexual behavior/practices? I'd like to get an idea of just how many of us have oral and anal sex.


Dear You Don't Ask For Much do You?,

We're going to assume that when you say ' us' you're talking about American culture. This is a pretty safe bet as you're using English and we in the U.S. basically own the Internet which is fair because we invented the damn thing! Did you know in England and many other European countries you pay for local calls by the amount of time you're on. Think about what that would do to your surfing bill!!!

There are no reliable sites with this info (except ours). We can however point you towards this less than accurate 2004 Primetime Live Poll: American Sex Survey. Truth is Allison, the only way to get reliable statistical information on oral and anal sexual practices is to get your hands on a copy of Sex In America: A Definitive Survey. Well! Look at that!!! We happen to have a copy of it in our hot little mitts right now.

Only 20 percent of women reported having received oral sex during their last sexual encounter while 19 percent of women reported giving oral sex in their last sex event. 28 percent of men reported receiving oral sex in their last sexual encounter, and 27 percent said they performed oral sex last time they got some nookie. Only 10 percent of men and 9 percent of women stated they had engaged in anal sex in the past 12 months (These stats are for straight sex).

If you want more fun stats like percentage of Catholics Vs Protestants that do the butt bump, what activities men and women find sexually stimulating, frequency of masturbation by age and gender, and many many many many more, then we suggest you buy a copy of Sex In America: A Definitive Survey. This is real social science research, not a fawking Redbook or Playboy reader survey, so it may be drier but it's accurate.

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