Where Can I Find Tasteful Erotic Videos I Can Enjoy With My Husband!?!?

Dear Couch,

Two Questions. I've been looking to buy my husband an adult film for the two of us to enjoy, but I can't stand those lame movies. What I would like to see is just other couples going at it instead of something like Showgirls, you know what I mean? I'm too embarrassed to go to the store and buy it, so can you recommend any GOOD movies and some place I can buy them online or through the mail?

By the way, what is S/M?


Dear Video Girl,

So what you're looking for here is Hope Floats with penetration? Personally, we haven't had enough time to watch the news, much less rent nice naughty videos to review. Actually, reviewing erotic movies would be much more fun than the news and we might stop screaming out Connie Chung's name in the height of passion.

For a direct link to videos we can recommend AdamEve.com's Couples / Romance or 'How To' DVD section. It includes titles such as Better Sex Guide to Stripping for your Partner and Unlocking the Secrets of the G-Spot: The Ultimate O.

We also found two books you may want to look into. The first is The Wise Woman's Guide to Erotic Videos which reviews 300 titles. The other one is The Good Vibrations Guide to Adult Videos. Both are written by women with women's needs in mind. By the way, S/M is SadoMasochism or more pleasantly referred to as Domination/Submission, which we're sure you can find some hot little introductory videos on with the above resources.

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