Do Cock Rings Really Increase A Man's Pleasure!?!

Dear Couch,

I'm interested in learning more about cock rings.... wouldn't they be painful? Do they really increase a mans pleasure? I would appreciate anything you can tell me.

Just Curious about rings

Dear Curious,

Cock rings, AKA 'penile constrictor' rings, AKA 'confidence' rings (that's a cute one) do not have the purpose of increasing a man's pleasure per se. They are used to maintain and/or prolong a hard-on for those poor bastards with mild erectile difficulties. They are generally rubber-like and worn around the base of the penis allowing more blood flow in than out of the penis when arousal is happening. The effect on a normal erection is a little bigger cock with the veins standing out more, and of course it will stay hard longer after ejaculation. This may not be a pleasant sensation at first and may take some getting used to.

If a cock ring is painful then it is too damn small! This is important if you don't want to be in the ER with a bunch of giggling nurses cutting away at the damn thing as your cock looks like it's going to explode in a bloody mess, as you endure the worse pain you've ever felt since the first time you caught a foot squarely in the balls (no personal experience here, really)!!! The worse case scenario being a metal cock ring that is too small. As you can imagine, this is not easy to 'cut off', especially the 'Gates of Hell'.

If you are interested in playing around with cock rings then we suggest the easy silicone gel-type. These often come with a little appendage designed to stimulate a woman's clitoris. You could also start with the increasingly popular lasso type cock ring. There is no problem getting these off if things go bad as the lasso type is designed for easy removal and the gel-type is easily manhandled off as well. The first thing to do if you don't think that erection is coming down is to take a cold shower and use a lubricant to get that puppy off, carefully. If worse comes to worse, don't be too embarrassed to go to the ER. A cock is a terrible thing to waste.

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