What Are Some Oral Sex Tips and Tricks For Us Ladies!?!

Dear Couch,

I was wondering something. All the time, you seem to give the ' perfect information' guide for men to give women better oral sex.....when are you gonna give us women the inside track on performing better fellatio? Any tips are always great to read and try.....

Oral in Ohio

Dear Ready to Blow,

How about now. The best blow job advice we can give you is to be comfortable with what you're doing. If you're worried about gagging or drowning in come, then you will not do a good job. Don't start too quickly. Become comfortable with having a cock in your mouth, and don't try and swallow your first time. When your guy starts to come, finish him with your hands, taking only as much cock as you're comfortable with, or none at all. This way you'll know what's coming (hehehehe) and get to be a champ at swallowing.

Besides your basic wetly bobbing up and down on the knob, we have some other hints. Know that little fleshy bit on the underside of the penis, about an inch or so from the head has some nice nerves in it. Firmly rub your tongue over this like you would a lollipop. Remember, you're not going to get the same firmness of your twat with your mouth alone. You need to grasp the base of the cock and move your hand up and down with the same rhythm as your mouth. By now you should have a pretty saliva slicked rod in your hand, so it should slide nicely, but be as gentle as you are firm. Here's a link to another fellatio guide and, in the words of your man, ' Practice! Practice! Practice!'

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