My Girlfriend Freaks Out Over Everything!! Should I Walk?!

Dear Couch,

Confusion reigns in my current relationship! I'd really like your help in sorting things out. I'm 38, she's 24. She's a very volatile and jealous person and doesn't think too much of men for a good reason: at age 19 she worked for an escort service and saw the worst sides of men. Anyway, anytime I make an off-color joke she blows up and says I'm just like all the rest " of the pigs" . She freaks out anytime I answer the phone and there's a female's voice (doesn't matter if it's work related or not) on the other end. She has to be constantly told she's the most beautiful girl in the universe. I'm thinking she causes me just too much pain to continue on. Oh, did I mention every guy goes ga-ga over her when we're in public (she's now a model) and I find this really irritating. So tell me Couch, should I walk?


Dear Kevin,

Wow! What'd you use to pick her up!?! A fawking van!?! Talk about emotional baggage!!! Run Kevin!!! Run far and run fast!!! Don't look back!!! Were you feeling like saving the world when you allowed this relationship to go on? For future reference people, anytime you start dating someone and they say something like, " You're just like all the rest of the 'pigs' or 'bitches'!" remove yourself from said relationship.

Having worked as a hooker is not a good reason to hate men. It's not a good reason to lay a bunch of crap on you either. No one forced her into that job. She could have worked many other possible jobs but she chose to screw men for money. It's not up to you as a boyfriend to take all the crap she wants to dish out because of her past either. There are people who do have to take this kind of crap, they're called therapists, and they get paid for it. Hand her a list from the yellow pages as you walk out of her life and back into yours.

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