I'm Eighteen and My Mom's Friend is Always Flirting with Me! Should I Go For It!

Dear Couch,

Okay, well, I am 18 and my moms friend is 42, single, and very hot. She always flirts with me and teases me and acts really ' friendly' . She is actually pretty seductive. Now that I am 18, I can actually consider making a move. Now, my question is... How do I make a move? What can I say or do? Is she just playing around, or am I fooling myself? What is your advice?


Dear Scary Suburban Kid,

What color is the sky in your world? This woman has not been counting the days until you're no longer jail bait! If a single 42 year old woman were interested in you sexually, you wouldn't have time to make a first move. You'd be hung over, fawked dry, and exhausted before you knew what happened. It's like saying an alter boy has to put the moves on a priest! If this woman's flirtation or ' friendly' behavior boosts your sexual ego, fine.

Take that ego and run with it, toward someone a little closer to your age group or at least an older woman that's not your mother's friend. You can't really want to poke a person that's nutty enough to screw her friend's son. You're heading into Jerry Springer land there Billy-Boy and that's a crowd you don't want to be counted with. We know every 18 year old male wants a sexy middle aged woman to show him the ropes but this one is a little close to home. Try hanging out in the produce section of a grocery store on the opposite side of town from your house.

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