What Exactly Does an Orgasm Feel Like?!

Dear Couch,

Okay, I've written to you like four times and not once heard any kind of answer. My question is what exactly does an orgasm feel like. I'm very experienced in my sexual activities and I know that what I am feeling is great but I don't know that I'm having orgasms. Will you please tell me exactly what I am supposed to be feeling?


Dear Persistent,

Cripes! Don't you have any girlfriends?!?! It's pretty hard to describe any feeling, much less orgasm, and pass on a true understanding of it, unless you're a good writer which we've never claimed to be. Let's start with this study, which asked 2,246 participants to rate 60 adjectives on how well those words described their orgasm (link down) experience. Let's move on to the sexual response cycle in women as described by Masters and Johnson (We know. If we got any drier, we'd rival melba toast). If you're not sure you're having orgasms, then you most likely are not.

We suggest you learn to 'fly solo' before waiting for someone else to 'show' you what the big O feels like. Ever heard of masturbation? Millions of people can't be wrong. There are oodles of people pleasuring themselves to orgasm right now as you read this column. We'll help get you started. First you need some erotic fiction so check out this hot little story called My Indentured Servant. Most women achieve orgasm through clitoral stimulation so start pressing your love button! Take a look at this site for female masturbation techniques! Now you're on your way to telling your friends what an orgasm feels like! If you want more material to send you on your merry little orgasm way try the books The Joy of Self Loving combined with the female erotica Women On Top. If that doesn't make you a masturbation expert then there's no hope.

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