What's Wrong With a Guy Ogling?!?

Dear Couch,

My girlfriend and I went out to the mall and she happened to see me looking at another woman in one of the stores we went to. Now she's kinda pissed off at me. I personally feel that there's nothing wrong with " looking" . What are your feelings? And how do you think that I should handle the situation?


Dear Wandering Eyes,

Of course there's nothing wrong with looking. Besides the fact that our society's advertising industry would collapse if we didn't, it is the result of millions of years of evolution that encourage us to do so. Ogling that redhead nibbling her corn dog in the food court is not what you did wrong. Doing it in the company of your girlfriend is! You insulted her. You basically said to her " There's something I find more attractive than you!" A note for future reference when your girlfriend asks if you were looking at some big haired bimbo trying to justify squeezing her ass into a pair of jeans two sizes too small, never admit it, EVER! And watch out for when your girlfriend actually points out another woman for your opinion. Your standard response should be, " Oh, who? Her? She's ok. Too skinny, though. Probably anorexic."

The fact is, we are the result of evolution whether we admit it to ourselves or not. Part of that evolution is the fact that the guy who kept his eyes open for the chick flashing 'come hither' signals, was the guy who planted more seed in the evolutionary process. Read this great article about why we ogle and gain greater understanding of your hard wiring. But, respect your girlfriend's feelings. We recently went on a little post x-mas mall expedition to Victoria's Secret. Talk about eye candy central. All that sexy lingerie being pawed over by all types of women. But did we stare at any of those big butts looking for panty lines?? No! We remained focused on each other. It's a matter of mutual respect. So stop ogling other women when you're with your girlfriend! When you're not with her, stare all you want but try not to get a restraining order filed against you.

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