I Want to become Preggers By the Married Man I'm Having an Affair With?!!

Dear Couch,

This is gonna sound ridiculous I know, but I am want to get pregnant by the married man I am having an affair with. I figure since I can't have him for the  rest of my life I can have a piece of him.  plus I am dreaming of having a child.  anyways, every time me and my lover have sex it is unprotected, but he pulls out. What are my chances of becoming pregnant?


Dear Genius,

Hey! That's a great idea! Just what the gene pool needed. A new member of society raised by a single parent who is obviously emotionally stable and able to make important life long decisions in a thought out, responsible manner. Let's see what your chances are.

The withdrawal method of birth control is not very effective at all. Besides the fact that there are sperm present in the the pre-ejaculate, this method depends on the male actually pulling out before any ejaculation actually occurs. Practiced correctly you have a 20 chance of becoming pregnant. To break that down so you can understand it, if you have sex with your affair lover on 5 occasions, you should get preggers 1 of those times. That's a little too high for our comfort.

You are in a fawked up relationship to begin with and you want to bring a child into the world from it?!?! Please!! Stop this nonsense now! Remove yourself from this relationship, and examine what about your life led you to even consider this! Once you've figured that out, you'll be a whole lot happier and the rest of us won't be straddled with your mistakes!

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