After Fooling Around We Have a Strong Odor on Our Hands!!

Dear Couch,

Hello. I am a 19 year old (safe) sexually active female. I have a boyfriend who is 26. Everything is going as well as could be expected. Our sex lives are wonderful and he is great in bed. I do have one small problem though. Okay, every time we start fooling around he manually stimulates me (which is fine) or I masturbate. The thing is, afterwards there is a strong odor on our hands. Even though we wash our hands, the smell takes about two days to go away. I am a very clean person, don't get me wrong. I shower twice a day and have wonderful hygiene. I just don't know how to get rid of it. It doesn't bother my boyfriend. In fact, he says it's sexy. He can think whatever he wants, but I am still self-conscious about it. The smell isn't noticeable at all, just when we are fooling around or having sex. Is this normal?

Dear Stinky Mitts,

If this were a change in your vaginal odor, we would say you should take a trip to the gyno now, otherwise mention it on your next scheduled visit. You may want to try douching and see if that affects the odor or intensity. Sounds to us like you may be exaggerating this a bit. You shower twice a day, every day? That's a bit much even for our anal retentive society. You could have a little compulsive disorder going on here. You're boyfriend says he likes it so relax. Think about it, two days after you've fooled around he wipes his nose and gets a whiff of your snatch essence and sports a boner right there in the DMV line! Could be an asset in our opinion.

If the douching thing doesn't work for Ya, then there are two approaches to take avoiding the lovely vaginal odor getting on the skin and removing what does. What could be a good barrier to your love odor getting on the hands is simple hand lotion. Not only is it useful for the manual play you mention but it saturates the skin not allowing a lot of room for other things. As to how to remove the odor, we did a search for skunk odor removal (no offense). We did find a soap site with a Fisherman's soap that (again, no offense) guarantees to remove those fishy odors. Besides that, simple diluted white vinegar was often noted and should neutralize what you find to be, an offensive odor.

We wish to encourage you to accept and be proud of your odor. We are all animals regardless of the fact that we get to send sex calls over this lovely elaborate electronic network. We were amused recently during a trip to the zoo and overheard a woman say to her husband and child, ' Look at those cute monkeys. They're so much like us it's scary.' What the fat cow was afraid of admitting is that we are actually like them, as in related to them! It was only a very short time before this, that we were mating purely by odor signals. Therefore it is completely natural for your odor to mark your mate. We're not suggesting you rub your crotch up against his front porch to mark it. We just want you to embrace the fact that you are, we all are, still animals.

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