My Boyfriend is a Panty Sniffing Freak!

Dear Couch,

I am quite sexually compatible with my new boyfriend except for one thing-he really likes my panties, and prefers them after they've been worn and prefers simple cotton. As our relationship is long distance for now, he keeps one or more pairs on hand....and smells and tastes them. This freaks me out. And, he has said he will continue this interest even when (if) we are together. What is up?

All too familiar with the term 'Panty Sniffing Freak'

Dear Girlfriend of a Panty Sniffing Freak,

This is known in the biz as a fetishism, a paraphilia in which the person derives sexual excitement from an inanimate object. Many people hear the word fetish and think only of Bondage or S& M. You should be thankful for the fact that your boyfriend is open enough with you to share this little quirk of his. He most certainly will continue this behavior without treatment but he doesn't sound like he has a problem with it. You have to decide if you can live with it.

You know, as far as paraphilias go, there are a lot worse ones for your boyfriend to have. What about coprophilia sexual arousal and gratification by the act of defecation, or viewing or smelling the odor of feces. He'd keep trying to have sex with you in the potty after you made a big stinky! Or how about klismaphilia sexual arousal and gratification from receiving an enema. That could really drive up the laundry bill! And don't forget everyone's favorite, zoophilia obtaining sexual arousal and gratification through the contact with animals which is the primary means of sexual gratification. Even worse, if he were a really complex case, you'd notice him nakedly chasing the cat from the litter box with an enema hanging out of his ass. So if you think about it in relation to the rest of us freaks out there, panty sniffing ain't so bad.

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