My Female Friend's Crotch Reeks and She Won't Go to the Doctor??

Dear Couch,

I am concerned about a female friend whom I have not had sex with. I have been friends with this woman who is twenty years old, and sexually promiscuous several years. About eight months ago she told me she had trichomanosis, she said she had contracted it from a past lover. I have lately begun to notice that she has some very strong body odor, I often do her laundry and her underwear smells from over a foot away. I know that she showers on a regular basis but at times I can smell this putrid rotting odor when she is clothed. I attempted to confront her about it but she wouldn't talk. I am worried that she is not being treated or not following her doctor's advice. I share a bathroom with her from time to time and I am concerned about any possibility of getting it without any sexual contact. I am hoping you can give me some advice on how to handle the situation and get her the help that she needs so that she doesn't spread it to anyone else. Also what are the long-term effects of this if not treated?


Dear Trich Loather,

Wow! You have some kind of weird relationship with your ' friend' . You ' occasionally' share a bathroom with her and ' often' do her laundry? What gives? So she said she got the Trich eight months ago and you're just now smelling these strongly adjectified odors? Could very well be trichomoniasis as the little critters can be present for up to a year without symptoms, one of which is a ' putrid rotting odor' . It is highly unlikely you could catch trich from anything other than genital to genital contact but if you see some frothy discharge on the toilet seat, it's always a good idea to wipe it off before squatting.

How can you help your friend? Well, for starters you could say, ' Hey! Your crotch reeks to high heaven!! What the hell is going on down there!? Opening your own cheese factory!?!??! You need to go see a damn doctor cause your ass ain't touching my toilet seat until you do!!' Then there's nothing you can do. You can't force her to practice good health/hygiene. Give her a little 'looking glass self' and point her in the right direction, then stop offering to wash her stinky undies until she takes care of it. Please refer to this National STD clinic locater to give her a local number to arrange her appointment.

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