Is it Safe to Use Altoids During Oral Sex??

Dear Couch,

My girlfriend says she enjoys it when I go down on her. A friend of mine tells me that if I have a mint or menthol cough drop in my mouth when I lick her clitoris it will give her terrific stimulation. I'd love to try this, but wouldn't want to do anything that would harm her. Is it safe? Have you heard of this?


Dear Jack,

Aahhh, the old Altoids cunnilingus trick. We personally have no experience with the mint (don't need it, yet) but when Altoids released their spearmint product the oral sex rumors were flying fast. Was it all backdoor promotion? Yes and no. Obviously the same sensations you feel in your mouth while enjoying a fine mint are the same sensation your lovers crotch will feel. However, the vaginal/clitoral area may feel it a bit more and the penis may feel it a bit less. First, brush up on your cunnilingus technique then add the mint toy. It's unlikely this could be harmful as long as you take it easy and just have one or two mints in your mouth. Do NOT insert any mints into her vagina! Let us all know how this turns out on our message boards!

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