I'm 22 and Met a 15 Year Old Girl. We've Been Talking. Should I Ask Her Mother's Permission to Court Her Daughter???

Dear Couch,

I met a 15 year old girl at camp this summer.  We talked and found out we had a lot of things in common and had very similar interests.  We decided to keep in touch after camp was over. For the past 9mos. we have been writing and talking to each other on the phone. I really like her. The problem is that I'm 22. I don't want to sneak around to see her. The only way is to ask her mother for permission. I have met her mother. From the girls account her mother thinks I'm a very " nice guy" . Should I ask for permission or end this relationship (will be very hard)?


Dear Budding Pedophile,

You've got one thing going for Ya, and that's the reluctance to pursue this relationship to the wrong level. Ask yourself why you have found yourself seeking ways to court a 15 year old girl as a 22 year old male. We're gonna tell Ya something now, and we mean it in the nicest way, THIS IS SICK AND FUCKING TWISTED!!!!!!!!!!!! You're trying to bag some little girl you met at a summer camp, which you obviously had some kind of authority position in. Wake up and smell the 8 millimeter film! You're sexuality ain't exactly in the norm here!

But let's just suppose this girl's mother is from the same twisted side of the trailer park as you and she actually accepts your desire to court her daughter. Don't even try it! At the very least we're talking statutory rape. Want to see the company you'll be keeping after you're conviction, then click here!? You need to deal with the reasons you're attracted to this child. We can't say therapy enough here. End this relationship and work on what led you to even consider it. You can have a normal relationship and sex life if you want to. Just a warning though. Don't get involved with a therapist that wants to waddle around in this for a few years. You can get past this more quickly than that. Just focus on making yourself comfortable with a regular dating environment.

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