My Clit Remains Engorged and Sore for Days!?

Dear Couch,

First off, I'd just like to say, this site is absolutely awesome and I am so glad I stumbled onto it! :) okay, well... I've been dating my boyfriend for about 6 months, and we've pretty much gone pretty slow, sexually that is. the farthest we've gone is I've given him a few hand jobs, and he's fingered me. now there's the problem. I don't know if my body is completely off whack or what! the problem is with my clit, whenever he rubs me down there or fingers me, afterwards I can hardly walk because my clit has 'engorged' (is that a word?:) and kind of sticks out. I can't walk, can't sit down, can't do anything, because it HURTS. after about two days later, it goes down, and it looks normal again, and I can walk with no trouble. I've heard that your clit 'hides' in a 'hood' and whenever you get extremely turned on, it peaks out. but it's suppose to 'go back in' afterwards right? that's my problem! it just sticks out, red and swollen, hurting like hell whenever I move, then about 2 days later it 'goes back in'. help me! is something wrong with my body? I'm a virgin,never had sex, so I don't know much about any of this.

:) thanks a lot :)

Dear Sore Button,

Sounds like clitoral priapism except there's no such diagnosis. It is normal for the clitoris to become engorged during the sexual arousal phase. It's not normal for it to stay that way for two days. We wonder if it remains this way for days after orgasm, if you've had one, or after masturbation which we're sure you're adept at or working to be. It is common for many women to have such a sensitive clitoris that any stimulation is painful. We're more concerned about yours remaining engorged. If you are taking any medications this could be the cause but we're going to suggest you see your doctor or gynecologist for a real evaluation of this problem. We sympathize as this has got to be a huge pain in the ass, or elsewhere, and you shouldn't be embarrassed to seek medical attention. If you don't have insurance you can find gynecological services by using this STD clinic locator. If the clinic in your area doesn't offer gyno services they can and will refer you to free or affordable care.

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