What Breast Size Do Men Actually Prefer?

Dear Couch,

I am comfortable w/ being small breasted ( I have a petite sized body ) & am wondering if any men actually prefer this. Does the popularity of big ' Baywatch' sized boobs actually represent the average Joe's preference? Is it true that the average American female is only a size B?

~Obsessing in Michigan~

Dear Tiny-Tits,

From what we could find the average American breast size, by bra cup is A-15 , B-44 , C-28 , D-10 , with the remainder a handful of AA and DD. According to Frederick's of Hollywood the average bra size they sold in 1996 was a 34B but today they state it is up to a 36C. Who knows why there would be an increase in that short amount of time but Frederick's shoppers are not exactly a representative sample of all the boobs in America.

What men prefer is a little complicated. The most basic factor in female attractiveness is not boobs but rather the WHR, or waist to hip ratio and the magic number is .70. Find your WHR by dividing your waist measurement by your hips measurement. This attractiveness factor is mostly independent of overall weight as long as the .70 ratio is there. As far as bust size goes, men seem to prefer larger, or C size to moderate or small breast size, however men also prefer a bust size not greater than the hips. The whole attractiveness package is a little more complicated than just big boobs. For a great read try, Survival of the Prettiest The Science of Beauty which throws away the dogma of western feminism and takes an honest/cross cultural look at appearance and sexuality.

So how to explain the popularity of cartoons like Pamela Anderson? Men are certainly socialized to fantasize about these extreme body types but they tend not to want to marry them. Which works both ways. When there's a room full of crazed women waving dollar bills in their hands to stuff down some guys g-string, you can bet there's not a skinny nice guy up there dancing. Informal surveys often have men describing petite, athletic, women when asked to describe their perfect mate so the lesson to us all is stay healthy and fit and leave the silicon to the toons.

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