Can We Stick it in Just For a Few Minutes Without Worrying About Pregnancy?

Dear Couch,

I've been seeing this girl for over 4 months already, and in those 4 months we both just kissed and fool around. Recently (this past week) we started to fool around a little bit more. We started to talk about having sex, and we think we both are ready for sex, the only thing that we both don't want is to get pregnant. But before we even start, she asked me if she can get pregnant if I just penetrate, but not ejaculate inside. I didn't know what to answer. I told her I was going to find out. And one of the most reliable resource is here. I've been checking out this web site, and getting advice for a few months already. The only thing is that I really want to have sex with my girlfriend, but she doesn't want to use a condom. We're wondering if I could just go in, just for a few minutes, and not ejaculate, with out the worry of pregnancy? Please response as soon as possible, I can't wait.

Sincerely yours,
Curious George

Dear Don't Even Try It,

How many trips to the food stamp line started with the thought, " I'll just put it in briefly and take it out before I come." ? Can you have an unwanted pregnancy from penetration without ejaculation? ... YES! We cannot emphasize this enough! Besides the possibility you may accidentally ejaculate, there is the fact of pre-come, semen in the urethra to get it lubed up for the big load. You CAN NOT do this without certain worry. The pregnancy rate for withdrawal is 19 .

What can you do? First of all, we strongly recommend a condom. Why your girlfriend is opposed to a condom is beyond us but if she insists, there are other options, mainly spermicide. Available over the counter at your mother's favorite pharmacy, spermicide comes in many forms foam, creams, gels, suppositories, and a film. The failure rate (meaning you're in that food stamp line) for spermicide alone is about 6 when used exactly according to the instructions. We suggest you use spermicide and withdrawal for a more sure thing. If you guys are going to pursue sexual relations we say condoms! If not, get the standard STD check up and go with The Pill or Norplant.

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