What is the Ancient Arab Technique for Penis Enlargement?

Dear Couch,

I just was at a site that claimed it could increase your penis size without pumps or anything of that kind. The site was penis-enlargement-now (since removed). It claimed for a small fee of 19.99 it could increase your size. By using some un for told Arab technique passed down generation to generation or something. I was wondering if you have heard of anything like that.


Dear Not that Gullible,

We took one look at that site and gagged. The ridiculous, obviously fictitious, claims are bad enough but to throw in warding off prostate cancer was overboard. Be wary of $19.99 offers that promise you the moon. There are no secrets to increasing penis size. How could there be? Think about the demand out there by all those guys who want to be just an inch bigger. If there were some way to do this it wouldn't be a secret for sale, it would be common knowledge. As to the ancient Arab technique it is known as jelqing. Supposedly it is an ' Ancient Arab' technique to increase penis size. Without going into much detail (because we can't find any) this seems to involve stroking one's penis in an attempt to force blood into it. Apparently this should be done often, every day. There is debate as to whether or not this is just an excuse to masturbate, or jelq-off (sorry, we couldn't resist).

All we can say is the only somewhat guaranteed method of increased penile size is plastic surgery but it's limited and can result in less feeling. Penis pumping, which involves putting your cock in a cylinder and removing the air to force the penis to fill with blood, does provide an increase in size though it lasts only a few hours. Pumpers however swear that over time permanent increase occurs but it's debated. We caution anyone considering pumping to educate themselves and do so cautiously. Lastly we want to tell you that for the most part, size doesn't matter. Being a quality lover involves much more than putting your penis in a hole.

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