My Boyfriend Wants Me to Perform Anal Sex On Him !?!?

Dear Couch,

My boyfriend wants me to do in anal sex...we tried a dildo but the angle and size are not right...As I don't want to hurt him, and I cant find any shops that have dildos smaller than mega (jeez! why all the time mega???). I want to do this, but I need information and your 10 rules thing shows as error or unknown....where can I get information so this is a pleasurable experience for him?


p.s. your answers are a riot but you give great info..

Dear Obliging Lover,

We'll bet your boyfriend's little asshole clenched up tight enough to turn coal into diamonds when he saw you pull out that cheap mega dildo! Well let us give you the tools and the knowledge to make his anal dreams come true.

We've got a new link for The 10 Rules of Anal Sex. READ THEM! The first thing your boyfriend needs to do is loosen up that hole. Tensing up will only make it painful. Secondly LUBE! LUBE! LUBE! We suggest the standard KY type water based lube. Lastly, if something begins to hurt... STOP! You can start again but make sure the same pain is not there when you continue.

Now! Onto proper equipment! Throw that piece of plastic mega crap away and pick out a quality dildo and or butt plug! We suggest the Crystal Jellies Medium Anal Plug for starters. But Wait! You're going to want something to hold that plug while you bang away at little Billy's ass so take a look at this quality dildo harnesses! For a good harness & dildo combination starter kit try, Bend Over Beginner Harness Kit as it includes a normal size dildo and a smaller/slimmer dildo, both made of quality silicone. Now you kids go have safe fun.

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