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More CraigsList Shenanigans

Postby AskTheCouch » Sat Jan 02, 2010 12:02 am

Woman Wants Charges Filed Over Craigslist Sex Ad

An Iowa woman said she was scared when total strangers started calling her in the middle of the night responding to an online ad that she didn't know anything about.

A personals ad on the Web site was placed using Jody Karns' phone number.

Karns said the ad involves in a complicated and bitter family dispute, some of which is out of the reach of law enforcement. But she said in this case, somebody went too far and she thinks law enforcement should do something about it.

"I got a phone call at 12:30 from a man who said he was driving to me to meet me because I wanted two men," said Karns. "I was scared. I wasn't just going to go to bed and relax. You can't. The first person that called said that he was in his car, driving, coming to see me. And it's like whoa, uh uh."

Karns said the call was just the first call several weeks ago. Her phone records show that minutes later, another call rang and then another.

More than 80 incoming calls, more than 50 text messages and explicit e-mailed photos, all because of an online ad that she said she never placed.

The ad said Karns was looking for two men to "put this fire out." It ran on the casual adult encounter section on

Karns said she thinks she knows who posted the ad. She admits that after taking many calls from strange men, she changed her voice mail, directing Craigslist callers to the suspect's phone number.

Jasper County Attorney Mike Jacobsen said Karns may have committed criminal harassment against the other person she believes may have posted the ad, which is one of several reasons why he said he would not pursue the case.

Jacobsen said the ad is part of a family dispute. He also said the Craigslist incident is an Internet misdemeanor harassment case, which would take too much time and effort to pursue.

"Do I have to get raped? Do I have to get beaten for them to say, 'Oh, ----, maybe we should have done something two months ago? Because, like I said, people are still calling," said Karns.

Jacobsen said he's written a letter to Karns explaining why he won't prosecute, which she should receive Wednesday.

Karns said she had ad removed shortly after it first appeared, but apparently some men saved it and have been calling her over a period of weeks, and as recently as last week.

Ah CraigsList. Will your potential for shenanigans ever end?!?!
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