Generation Sex! Today's Women Average 5.6 Partners by Age 24

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Generation Sex! Today's Women Average 5.6 Partners by Age 24

Postby AskTheCouch » Wed Mar 17, 2010 5:30 pm

Generation Sex, Today's Women Average 5.6 Partners by Age 24
Women sleeping with more men than ever
By Tom Pettifor


Young women are far more sexually active than those in the age of free love.

Research shows that the sexual liberation of the swinging 60s did not make it to the bedroom.

Figures reveal that, on average, women then had slept with fewer than two partners by 24.

Today women have had 5.6 partners by that age - more than their mums who had made love to 3.7 people by the age of 24.

In fact, the survey showed that half of the young women living through the decade of The Beatles had only one partner.

But liberation has led to sexual health fears - despite better screening, cervical cancer rates in under-25s have not improved in recent decades, possibly because of a greater number of partners.

Lloydspharmacy carried out the study and is promoting a vaccine to guard against the sexually transmitted human papillomavirus which causes the cancer. Clare Kerr, a sexual health expert at the firm, said: "HPV infections are very common, especially in younger people.

"If you are sexually active the vaccine is one of the most effective ways to prevent infection with high risk forms of HPV."
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