Dating a divorcee.

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Dating a divorcee.

Postby friedpickle » Wed Nov 28, 2012 3:10 am

I'm dating a guy. It's going great. I was in a bad place awhile ago where I thought I could never open up to anyone again but I think I'm starting to get past that and I'm beginning to really care for him. Things he has done and the way he treats me shows that he really cares for me as well. He makes me feel like such a princess when we're together and I would do so much to keep him happy.
We've been dating about a month and a half, I'm in my early thirties, he, his early forties. He's two years divorced and has split custody of a 9-year-old daughter, whom I've never met. I respect him for not yet introducing us. Nowadays, meeting the kids is like meeting the parents.
My question is, when is it too soon to ask him why he got a divorce? I've never been married and don't want to cross any boundaries, but there is so much I want to know about him. Not just the divorce but about his child, his childhood, his dreams and goals and desires for the future, etc. (I know some but not everything) But I don't want to push him. But I also want to breech that part of a possible relationship.
I know there is no black and white answer to my question, but I guess I'm looking for thoughts or suggestions from anyone who has been through the same situation or on the other end to open this into a dialogue giving me clearer ideas on how to approach something new and uncharted. Or just anyone who has any advice, I would appreciate and respect. Thank you.
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