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420 Per a term signifying the time to light up a joint.
These days '420' is used as a generic way of declaring one likes to use marijuana or just as a term for the substance itself. Its earliest connotation of having to do with the time a certain group of students congregated to smoke wacky tobaccy is unknown to the overwhelming majority of those who now employ the term.
"Regardless of what time it is, it's always 420 to me. "
69 (n) simultaneous and mutual oral sex.
The term, originating in the French soixante-neuf (suggested by the shape of bodies engaged in cunnilingus and fellatio) is from the jargon of pornography and prostitution. The expression also occurs as a verb.
"We performed 69 on each other."
AC/DC (adj) bisexual
From the label on electrical appliances indicating that they can be used with either alternating or direct current. The slang term originated in the USA and spread to Britain around 1960.
"She has been with both John and Mary. She's AC/DC."
beaver (n) 1) the female genitals
2) an american term meaning a woman or women seen exclusively as sex objects

Used in pin-up magazines of the late 1960s in America, rarely used outside the US
"Let's get some beaver!"
blow job (n) an act of fellatio.
This term, now widespread in English-speaking countries, spread from the USA in the 1960s. A puzzling misnomer to many, to blow in this context is probably a euphemism for ejaculate, a usage occasionally recorded in the 1950s. This may itself be influenced by the there she blows of whaling cliche. An alternative and equally plausible derivation of blow job is from the black jazz musicians hip talk expression blow meaning play (an instrument). This term probably caught on in Britain and Australia simply because there was no well-known alternative in existence.(1)
"She gave me a blow job but doesn't like to swallow."
blue balls (n) a condition of acute (male) sexual frustration, jocularly supposed to bring on a case of orchiditis, the testicles swelling to bursting point. (not true, see here)
This American expression of the 1950s, popular then among college students, has since spread to other English-speaking communities.
"Wow, we were making out for hours and I got the worse case of blue balls. "
boner (n) 1) a clumsy error, a serious mistake.
2) an erection

1) The origin of the term is not clear it may be inspired by 'bone-headed'.
"That guy pulled a serious boner!"
bunny-boiler (n) a partner in a relationship that acts irrationally and with impulsive, extreme, behavior.
This term has it's origins in... what else... the Glen Close character in the movie Fatal Attraction. Those responsible for coining this term existed in North Carolina at a little dive bar known as Elizabeth's Billiards. Of course one of the patrons was seeing a women who did violent and bizarre things such as keying her partner's car etc. Another patron uttered the words 'bunny boiler' and there it was.
"'That bunny-boiler slashed my tires!'"
Cherry a. maidenhead, virginity.
The word is usually part of the 'to lose one's cherry', said normally of girls but occasionally of boys. The expression is old (dating at least from the late 19th century) but has not been superseaded. It derives from the supposed similarity of the fruit of the fruit to the hymen.
"He got his cherry popped last time he was in jail."
clit (n) A small elongated erectile organ at the anterior part of the vulva, homologous with the penis.
Obviously short verbiage for the entire word clitoris (American Heritage? Dictionary)
"I'm a champ at cunnilingus because I know to focus on the clit."
creepin' (vb) to cheat on boy/girlfriend or spouse.
Usage is recent and generally inner urban.
"That bastard was creepin' on me!!!"
cunt 1)A synonym for a woman's genitalia, vagina, pussy, etc.
2)Derogatory term for a woman. Considered by many to be the most offensive word in the English language.

"Ann Coulter gave women a reason to use the term 'cunt'."
DeLay (v) using any political machinations to postpone justice as long as possible
Named after slime ball politician Tom DeLay (2005)
""Karl Rove attempted to DeLay his punishment by distracting the Country with Syria."
dick (n) 1) penis
2) a fool
3) nothing at all
4) a detective

1) This use of the word has been widespread in the English-speaking world since the end of the 19th century. It's probable origin, an affectionate personification in the same way as 'willie'.
2) Dick has this secondary sense in common with most slang terms for the male member such as prick, tool. etc.
3) A vulgar emphatic more commonly heard in America, and in vogue since the mid-1970s.
4) Almost invariably in the phrase 'private dick'. This Americanism, popularized in crime fiction, originated in underworld jargon as a corruption of the word detective itself.
"1) Suzy loves dick.
2) He's such a dick.
3) What do these losers do all day? They do dick.
4) That dick has been tailing us all night."
dildo (n) an artificial penis.
This word is approximately 200 years old and probably originates in diletto, Italian for (a) delight or darling. Alternatively the term may simply be an invention.
"I have a lovely silicone dildo I've named Paulie for those lonely nights."
dirty Sanchez (n) A dirty Sanchez or filthy Sanchez is a term describing the action of inserting one's finger or penis into another's anus and smearing fecal matter across their upper lip , effectively creating what may be viewed as a "mustache".
This practice is almost exclusively limited to the realm of urban legends, but is nonetheless a popular turn of phrase, having appeared in lowbrow pop culture like the television show South Park.
"Dude, I pulled out and gave her a dirty Sanchez!"
donkey punch Supposedly, it is performed by the male, by punching the female in the back of the head or neck immediately prior to orgasm. (In boxing this dangerous and illegal punch would be called a 'rabbit punch'.) The alleged purpose is to cause the muscles around the vagina or anus of the female to contract, thereby constricting around the male's penis and initiating a more enjoyable orgasm.
Due to the commonly perceived absurdity of the donkey punch, it is often thought of as an urban legend. A major cause of the propagation of this phrase is its shock value when explaining it to an unsuspecting friend or colleague. Thus, it is considered by many to be a misogynist joke.
"That moron actually thinks the donkey punch is a real sex move as opposed to actual assault."
DP (n) The penetration of more than one orifice on a person.
Penetration of the anus and vagina but may also be anus & mouth, mouth & vagina, etc. Simultaneous penetration of the vagina, anus, or mouth by two penises also constitutes DP.
"She really enjoyed her first DP experience"
dutch oven (n) the process of farting in bed with ones partner and pulling the covers over said partner's head.
A process with unknown origin or purpose.
"'That weirdo gave me a dutch oven! Last time I get into bed with him.'"
felching (vb) The act of ingesting recently deposited semen from someone's anus. Often derogatory.
"That guy is such a felcher!"
fuck (vb) to have sex with.
(There is a common false definition being 'For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge'.

Surprisingly, the age and origins of this word are obscure. It may not be Anglo-saxon as is often supposed (it was not recorded in writing until the 16th century) and does not occur in Chaucer and Shakespeare, but may have been borrowed from Norse (fukkar in Norwegian, fockar in Swedish).
"She fucked him the other night."
futz (vb) to mess or fool around.
The word is a deformation of a Yiddish verb arumfartzen, meaning literally and metaphorically to fart around.(1)
"We futzed around a bit, but nothing serious."
hickey (n) the bruise resulting from prolonged oral sucking on an area of skin.
Also referred to as a "love bite". Generally a means for adolescents to leave a mark of their amorous activities. Seen as an annoyance by adults and generally frowned upon by those not living in trailer parks.
"See the hickey my cousin Johnny left on my neck?"
jerk off (vb) to masturbate.
An Americanism which has gained currency throughout the English speaking world since the late 1960's when it became a hippy and student vogue term. The phrase existed in British English in the 19th century but was never widespread.(1)
"Of course I jerk off! I'm alive aren't I?!"
johnson (n) Referrance to the penis
Common reference to the male sexual organ....i.e. penis, cock, tally wacker, etc
""Give me a sec while I unfold my Johnson""
little man in the boat (n) the clitoris.
So-called because of a supposed resemblance (imagine a top view of a man in a canoe), though it is unclear why the pilot of this particular craft is invariably male. In the 19th century the same phrase referred to the navel.(1)
"I was getting rather bored with his oral efforts until he found the little man in the boat!"
MILF acronym for Moms I'd Like to Fuck.
Refers to midlle/older aged women in good shape that are sexually desirable. Made popular by small porn films like MILF Hunter in which young men appear to easily pick up older women in public and have sex with them.
"Wow! That's one hot MILF over there!"
muff (n) the female sex organs and/or the female pubic hair.
This euphemistic use of the standard word for an enveloping hand- or ear-warmer made of fur originated in the 17th century and is still current, although less common than in the 1950s and early 1960s.
"She dropped her pants and had the hottest looking muff."
muff-diver (n) someone who indulges in cunnilingus.
A vulgarism which is heard in all anglophone communities, but which is identified particularly with Australian speech.(1)
""He gets all the babes cause he's a muff-diver.""
nail (someone) (vb) to identify, catch, punish or defeat (or any combination of these).
This common term, which can now also by extension (and by analogy witn screw) refer to the sexual conquest of a woman by a male, has been heard since at least the 18th century.
"Dude got nailed by the same lady cop he had nailed four years ago."
nookie (n) sexual intercourse or sex in general.
This coy term became popular in the late 1970s and 1980s, probably due to it's use in the media in place of more offensive synonyms. (Nookie also occurs, albeit rarely, in American usage.) The etymology of the word is uncertain. It may be a form of the archaic British dialect verb nug (which has survived in American speech in the form noogie: kiss or hug), or it may alternatively be an alteration of an older euphemism for the female pudenda as a 'Shady nook'.
"'What else? I did it all for the nookie!'"
player (n) 1. someone who dates more than one person at a time, usually just for sex or other perks. Carries a heavy negative connotation. Usually used to describe males, but could be used to describe females who act in this manner. Often pronounced "playa."
urban origin
"That guy is such a player!"
poof (n) Used as a disparaging term for an effeminate or homosexual male.
alteration of puff,
"Some would refer to him as a poof."
punching possums A one night stand whose performance in the sack is "just lays there".
The origin of this word is said to be the early 21st century, Northwest United States, Linda's tavern patio. Somehow an inference was made between an actual possum punching incident and someone's previous nights activites and voila.
"It was like punching possoms last night."
Queef To expel air from the vagina. Usually during or after the act of coitus as a result of air entering the vagina.
"My girlfriend queefed loudly in the middle of sex causing us to LOL."
quiff (n) British a male homosexual or effeminate male.
The usage is probably influenced by the words queer and poof. (also a fart)
"Wow! What a quiff!"
Santorum 1. The frothy mix of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the byproduct of anal sex. 2. Senator Rick Santorum
An outraged citizen urged people to submit offensive definitions for the co-opted term 'santorum', a Gay bashing US Gov official's last name. Nuff said.
"Let's throw a towel on the sheets. We don't want to get santorum on them."
scat Excrement, especially of an animal dung.
From the non-slang word scatology.
"He's into scat videos."
shag (vb) to have sex (with).
A common vulgarism in Britain and Australia which is unknown in this in the USA. The word is an archaic relative of 'shake', which was used in a sexual sense from at least the 16th century. In Britain shag took over the taboo role in the 18th century, while in the USA it took on the (now obsolete) meaning of 'run off' or 'run after'. In modern usage the word is considered less offensive than fuck in male company, but more vulgar than other synonyms. Like fuck it occurs in other forms, such as the noun shag, the intensifying adjective 'shagging' and phrases such as 'shag off'.
"I shagged her last year after we saw that movie. "
sixty-nine (n) simultaneous and mutual oral sex.
The term, originating in the French soixante-neuf (suggested by the shape of bodies engaged in cunnilingus and fellatio) is from the jargon of pornography and prostitution. The expression also occurs as a verb.
"We performed 69 on each other."
spoon (vb) two people, lying together, one behind the other facing the same direction, pressed together, with knees bent.
Source of this term seems to derive from the way spoons fit together when laid on top of each other.
"After humping for hours we spooned and fell asleep until noon."
tea bagging (vb) When a person stimulates a man's testicles with her or his mouth. Some people use "tea bagging" to r when a person stimulates a man's testicles with her or his mouth. Some people use "tea bagging" to refer to the act of lowering one's scrotum into another person's mouth.
"He likes to be tea bagged."
toss the salad (vt) Having your salad tossed means having your asshole eaten out with syrup or jelly syrup is generally preferred.
This is usually done as initiation for someone that wants to score some drugs in jail, or by sexually depraved people.
"Have you seen the new boy in cell block D? I'ma make him my bitch he'll be tossing salads by the end of the week!"
twat 1) Slang term for the female vagina.
2) An inept person.

"She had a tight twat."
vart (vb) to expel air from the vagina.
This term has arisen very recently to refer to the often loud and embarrassing sound of air flapping out of a women during or after sexual intercourse.
"She let out a loud vart after I pulled out of her. She was embarrassed but I thought it was cute."
wank (vb) to masturbate.
This very wide-spread vulgarism (with some recent exceptions still taboo in the printed and broadcast media) is, perhaps surprisingly, of obscure origin. It seems to have entered the spoken language in the late 19th century, significantly at a time when the word Whang was emerging as a vulgar term for penis. Wank (earlier spelled 'whank') is probably derived from the same source 'whang' as a dialect word first meaning hit, beat or slap. Wank may be simply a variant pronunciation, or a development of the earlier word influenced by 'whack' and 'yank'. Since the 1960s the word has been used of and by women as well as men.
"I've been wanking off ever since that wanker stole my girlfriend!!!"

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(1)Many of these definitions are quoted from the great
Dictionary of Contemporary Slang
dictionary sexual slang
By Tony Thorne

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